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Learn to Surf



We offer group lessons, private lessons and tandem surfing for all levels.


Our level 2, A.S.I accredited surf coaches will have you riding waves in no time.


Prices start at $35 for a 2 hour lesson - All equipment provided.


We cover all aspects of water safety, ocean knowledge and riding waves.


Not only do we teach you how to ride waves but we also teach you how to find them!


Tailor made lessons to suit the individual!


We also offer river and ocean kayaking tours. See marine life, including dolphins, turtles, whales and much more!


Our surf lessons include

Basic surf awareness

Paddling and catching waves

Stand up technique

Board control

Getting longer rides

Turning te board

Riding the face

Wave selection







Call us for all rates, specials and group discounts! 0432 773 967